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Kalamkari… traditional techniques of fabric printing:-

Kalamkari is the earliest and one of the most complex using vegetable dyes and minerals. The Literal translation of the word kalamkari is Pen Craft. The word is derived from the Persian words kalam (pen) and kari (craftsmanship), meaning drawing with a pen. The intricate pictures are drawn with kalam or bamboo reed using natural […]

Bold and Beautiful Hand Block Print of M.P. NANDNA

From the plateaus of Madhya Pradesh, to the arid Thar Desert of Rajasthan, to those of salt along the coastal lines of Arabian sea in Kutchh… she pulled a fistful of inspiration from where ever her clan moved, to embellish her ‘Odhni’ and ‘Ghagra’ with it. Champa, Dhola maru, Jalam Buta, Mirchi and Amba were her prized […]