Fish Blockprint Swing Dress

2,300.00 (Incl. GST & Shipping) 1,400.00 (Incl. GST & Shipping)

Kashish Blockprint Dress With Side Gathers

An intermediate shade between Black and White. A neutral, achromatic colour without colour. It is the colour of cloid covered sky, of ash and of lead. Soft and serene, cocooning and sumptuous, “Shades Of Grey” is an ethereal collection of hand printed beauties using block printing and mud resist techniques in Grey, Off White and solid Black. “Kashish”, a mineral dye produced from iron deposits (ferrpus sulphate) using potassium permanganate is used for deriving the shades of grey organically. Pomegranate rind solution is boiled and used to achieve darker hues.

Length may vary according to the body and size of the customer and pattern of the product.

Refer to size chart

Model is wearing size S.

Fish Blockprint Swing Dress

Hand Wash seperately in cold water. Do not soak. Dry in shade

There May Be Slight Irregularities In The Print Of These Products As These Are Handmade. Those Irregularities Therefore Add To The Beauty Of The Product And Are A sign Of its Authenticity.

There May Be Slight Variation In The Actual Colour Of The Product Which Occurs Due To Lighting Conditions,During The Shoots

Most of our products are hand dyed,hand printed.Therefore,colors may bleed in initial washes. We recommend dry washing/cleaning them and ironing without steam.You may hand wash them separately with caution.


Fish Blockprint Swing Dress