Nayantara – Beige Golden Maheshwari Saree With Hansa Border

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The origin of royal Maheshwari Sarees dates back to the 18th Century. Queen Ahilya of the erstwhile Holkar estate is said to have brought this rich, flamboyant and luxurious weave to life. History has it that the first Maheshwari Saree was conceptualized and designed by the Rani herself as she wished to gift something that is special, unique and regal to her royal guests and relatives. Weavers from Surat and Malwa. Her Highness was mighty impressed by the outcome and this resplendent nine yards drape became a must give gifts to her special guests from her side.
The Maheshwari Saree patterns draw inspiration from the temples and ghats of Maheshwar. Authentic Maheshwaris have designs that are inspired by the grand temples, palaces and forts of Madhya Pradesh. Popular designs include the mat pattern, which is also known as chattai pattern, along with Chameli ka phool. Through its evolution, the eent (brick) pattern and the heera (diamond) patterns have survived the test of time.
Originally, these Sarees were woven in natural dyed yarns in the shades or Off White, Maroon, Black and Red but with the passage of time, vibrant synthetic colours were added in the weave and now one can see them being weaved in all possible colour palettes. The Sarees are usually plain, with checks or with borders. The ones that are plain with borders are called Chandrakala or Baingani. The chequered or striped ones are called Chandratara or Parbi.

The borders of the Saree are woven in either gold or silver zari and have interesting names given to them based on the inspiration they have been drawn from. The Eent, Heera, Rui phool, Chameli Phool, Hansa and Leher are more prevalent border styles.

Length: 5.5 mtr,

Blouse piece 1mtr (running/attached)

Dry Clean Only

There May Be Slight Irregularities In The Print Of These Products As These Are Handmade.Those Irregularities Therefore Add To The Beauty Of The Product And Are A sign Of its Authenticity.

There May Be Slight Variation In The Actual Colour Of The Product Which Occurs Due To Lighting Conditions,During The Shoots

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Nayantara - Beige Golden Maheshwari Saree With Hansa Border
Nayantara – Beige Golden Maheshwari Saree With Hansa Border

3,239.00 (Incl. GST & Shipping)